Daily Message ~ Saturday November 23, 2013

For most of you, trust is the biggest challenge in your enlightenment process. Because of that, your ego self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small, will use that to its advantage and infiltrate, when trust starts to waver, with doubt.

Doubt can be like a virus. It can grind your enlightenment process to a halt in record time. It can shake up your trust, not only in the process, but also your trust in your guides, in Source, and in yourself to make good decisions, as well. It leads to stagnation, resistance, confusion and discomfort.

Trust and faith are a tremendously powerful team that work together. They keep your flow moving, and keep you in surrendered alignment long enough for your heartfelt creations to come to fruition. The greater your trust, the greater your ability to live the life of your dreams.

It is completely normal to fall in and out of trust, Dear Ones! That is part of the human condition, particularly for newly enlightening humans beings. Do not beat yourself up if you find yourself in the grips of doubt. Simply resurrender. Call on your guides and helpers. Connect with the core of truth that always exists within you. Realign with Source and feel your authentic power shimmer and shine from that place.

You cannot get it wrong, Dear Ones, because once you commit to enlighten, anything else will become too uncomfortable for you. You are not being graded on this process! It is merely for you to decide how smooth and comfortable you wish you own personal journey to be. ~Archangel Gabriel

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