Daily Message ~ Saturday November 24, 2012

Occasionally,  when the energies are very accelerated, or when you are going through accelerated growth, you may feel like you can’t feel spirit, or that it is difficult to meditate or connect in whatever ways normally work for you.  People then think, how can my guides and helpers abandon me when I need them the most?  Dear Ones, rest assured that you are always, always heard and supported and that you are never, ever going it alone.  When you are going through a period of release, the energies leaving you are dense and thick and can make feeling the higher, subtle energies of spirit difficult.  In no way does that mean you are abandoned, in fact, we gather closest during your most challenging times.  We encourage you, if you are going through a period of release, to rejoice in the fact that those energies are leaving and feel secure in the fact that you can never, ever be separate and that you are ALWAYS loved and supported as a beloved and vital piece of the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

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