children holding hands on lighted path trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Saturday November 3, 2018

Are you living a lifestyle that you would want your children to create for themselves? Are you so out of balance that you have little to no time for your own enjoyment of life? Are you present?

If your life is such that you would not want it for your loved ones, right now is the perfect time for you to reexamine it and adjust it to better honour what you would want for someone you loved. It is also a wonderful opportunity for you, right now, to embrace being the powerful leader of example you truly are and model behaviour you would want them to choose for themselves.

Your self love and balance serve not just you, but everyone around you in so many ways. We urge you to finally include yourself your loving care for the highest good of all, for as you dismantle your old conditioning, you get to put in place new healthier templates for your children to adopt as their own. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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