Daily Message ~ Saturday November 30, 2013

Encouragement holds such a lovely energy, but you do not hear it spoken of often in terms of the enlightenment process, yet encouragement is such a wonderful tool to assist others and help them move forward.

The spiritual path, particularly in the early stages, can require a lot of courage – courage to change, courage to explore, courage to heal, courage to step into authentic power, courage to BE and know that is more than enough. Encouragement (in-courage-meant) reinforces that courage. It supports growth and exploration of self.

Dear Ones, support each other! Uplift each other! Help each other rise up and embrace the glorious beings you are. It only takes a moment to do, and it can make such a profound difference to others. You are powerful teachers by example, yes, but even more powerful when your message is, “Not only did I do it, but you can do it, too.” ~Archangel Gabriel

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