Daily Message ~ Saturday October 19, 2013

Many of you are interested in finding new love relationships that are more in line with who you are energetically. Many of you know what didn’t work for you in the past but are not sure how to choose your next relationship. There are many factors that will indicate whether a relationship will be sustainable over a longer period of time.

The most important is similar levels of integrity. This is the largest predicator of whether a relationship will last. If you have differing ideas of what is right or wrong, the relationship will eventually fail. Integrity is an indicator of the level of soul growth the person is operating by. If your partner has a far lesser level of integrity, it is a clear indicator that you are not operating from a place of soul resonance. These partnerships are frequently based on “saving” the other, and are doomed to fail.

Energetic resonance is very important to relationships lasting. You do not have to have the same energetic vibration, but it does need to be harmonious.

A commitment to growth. If one or both partners in a relationship become resistant to growth over a long period of time, the relationship will fail. Relationships are created to support growth and experience. Should the growth stop, so will the relationship. This does not mean that both need to be learning and growing at the same pace. Often one partner will grow and expand, then the other will. But what it does mean is there needs to be some form of individual growth for each within the relationship. If there is not, the relationship no longer serves a purpose and will break apart.

The last aspect is gratitude. Truly appreciating and supporting your partner by having gratitude for them and their unique traits and essence is one of the surest ways to ensure your relationship lasts. Think of those wonderful love stories you hear from older humans who have been together for decades. The common thread is that they respected and appreciated their partners, on top of loving them. Gratitude is what gives your love relationships longevity.

If you start to look at your potential partners through these new filters, Dear Ones, you will very quickly find yourselves with partnerships that will be built on firmer foundations than you have experienced in the past and that honour and celebrate you like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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