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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 19, 2019

Dear Ones, your fears do not need to rule you. In fact, they have a lot of information for you if you are willing to sit with them for a moment.

Explore your fear. Ask it questions. Where did it come from? Is it even yours or does it come from old conditioning or belief systems? Is it from a past life expression? Does it even apply to your current lifetime? Is it a match to who you are energetically in this right now moment or a reflection of your past?

What is its purpose? Does it serve you or does it hold you back? If it thinks it is keeping you safe, can you assume that responsibility for yourself as your own loving parent and guide? Can you release the fear by thanking it for its perceived service and then letting it go as an expression of your own empowerment?

There are so many wonderful options opening up to you as you step into your sovereignty! Explore. Ask questions. You can create much lighter forward movement for yourselves by simply acknowledging, feeling, identifying, thanking, and then releasing any energy that is not a support to your highest life expression, secure in the fact that it now serves you more to let it go than it does to keep it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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