Daily Message ~ Saturday October 25, 2014

Many of you have been trying to apply old belief systems to your personal relationships. Let us explain. Many of your parents were raised under the threat of an angry, vengeful God. Their theology was fear based, controlling, judgmental and punishing. Your parents, as the leaders of the household, led the same way. Many of you, because you have been raised that way, have been conditioned to apply those same conditions upon your partners and children.

Dear Ones, as your relationship with God changes, your relationships will shift as well. As you start to see Source as unconditionally loving, you will start to treat others that way. As you start to see yourself as being completely accepted, you will start to accept others. As you know yourself to be on the planet to have many different experiences without fear of judgment, you will stop judging or trying to control others.

Do you see? It all starts within. The profound shifting of your belief systems is what is driving the shift on your planet. It will permeate every facet of your lives, in the most marvellous ways. Allow your love to flow, to accept, to encourage, to expand and grow. Embrace that you are all part of the divine! To do so will support the peace, connection and deep satisfaction you have always yearned for in your relationships. ~Archangel Gabriel

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