Daily Message ~ Saturday October 27, 2012

Dear Ones, as you consider entering into any partnership, whether it be friendship, business or love, please know that the one indicator of it being a lasting partnership that will honour you, is if you have a matching level of integrity. Integrity is a wonderful indicator of the level of soul growth a person has attained. It shows how the person will act, not only when they are with you, but also when no one is watching. The higher the level of integrity you observe within an other, the more trustworthy they will be to you. If you attempt to create partnership with one who has lesser integrity than you, what will happen is you will begin to judge or resent the person due to their behaviour, or worse, you will try to “fix” them and pull them to your level. Of course, this cannot be done. You will save yourselves a lot of fuss, bother and heartache if you simply make your decisions based on matching levels of integrity. Your true partners, as we move forward in the new energies, will be shining counterparts to who you really are. and by coming together with you, will combine with your energy to create a greater whole that shines even brighter. Do not dull your light with one who has not learned how to shine, themselves, yet. It will be an exercise in frustration for both of you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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