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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 9, 2021

During times of energetic intensity, you will see people having a wide variety of experiences. Some people will be triggered and act out. Others may be going through big energetic shifts that result in them temporarily not being as consciously aware as they normally are. Some people will be healing and releasing. Some will be trying on some truths for size only to realize they don’t fit. There will be a myriad of experiences being had.

These are unprecedented times with people going through rapid transformations and realizations in accelerated energies. It is so important to hold the space of grace for others. By holding the space, you make it safe for people to shift beliefs and ideas and allow themselves to grow. If people fear judgment it may result in them holding onto beliefs or behaviours that don’t serve them far longer than they would have if given the safe space to back up and try a different approach that is far more in line with their latest level of attainment.

Just as you deeply appreciate when people accept you in your ever-evolving self expression, your non-judgement holds a safe space that encourages others to explore their next highest version of self and is a gift of love that has the power to heal the deep divisions that are playing out on your planet. You are beings of love and grace at your core, and everyone benefits when you allow those heart-centred values to lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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