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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 18, 2021

You can see your evolution is occurring when things you used to be drawn to no longer light you up. You didn’t do anything specific other than choose experiences, they just naturally ran their course and now you are ready for more. The fact that you are no longer satisfied with where you’ve been is not a sign of failure, but rather a clear indicator of your growth and expansion.

There can be a growing discomfort when something isn’t an energetic match to you any longer. This prepares you to let it go and be willing to embrace the new. There can also be a sense of sadness, a grief, if you will, that marks the end of one phase. You might think of it as the bittersweet feelings you experience when you sell a house that was once a wonderful match but no longer meets your needs. You know it is time to move on, but you take a moment to reflect on all the good times you had when it served you well.

All of this is quite normal as you continue to grow and evolve. What is different for the times you are currently in is you are in accelerated energies so it may seem like you have multiple endings or that things are moving faster or with greater intensity than what you are used to. This is a sign that you truly are in the shift, that you are aligning with the new, and a great new phase is opening for you to step into and explore. All is well, Dear Ones, all is well, for these are the exact times you hoped with all your heart you would have a chance to participate in and experience. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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