Daily Message ~ Saturday September 22, 2012

Many enlightening human beings get drawn into the world of conspiracy theories or watching out for the dark cabal. They feel like it is their job to be hyper vigilant, to be informed, so they can’t be fooled. Dear Ones, we are not for a second saying that there are no groups with dark agendas. But you cannot change this reality with an ‘us versus them’ mentality. By falling into that kind of thinking, you would be energetically supporting separation consciousness and the 3D world, the very world you are here to assist in evolving beyond! Trust in the Shift. The old, ego based systems are no longer being supported. Focusing on them will only result in you spinning your wheels in energies that do not reflect who you really are. Embrace your creator self. Know that to affect change is to focus on what you want more of. Anchor the higher energies by staying calm and focused, embodying the very aspects you wish to see in the New Earth. That is the way of authentic power and that is what will create the changes you wish to see in your world. ~Archangel Gabriel

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