Daily Message ~ Saturday September 27, 2014

One of the old, out-moded habits human beings most like to cling to is worrying. Worrying is like quicksand. It is very much immersing yourself in the energies of what you do not want. For every time you worry, you sink yourself a little deeper into the quicksand of the unwanted.

We understand that you see worrying as being prudent, as making sure you are not unpleasantly surprised, as being prepared, just in case. But sadly, by choosing to stay steeped in the energy of what you do not want, you only ensure more of that very energy in your future.

Dear Ones, we encourage you to keep your focus on the facts of what is right in front of you. Look around you. If there is no immediate crisis, (and please know actual time spent in crisis, if added up, would be a minuscule amount of time out of your entire incarnation), relax and enjoy the blessings of your Now. Trust. If there is something that needs your attention the universe will be sure to let you know in an unmistakeable way.

If crisis is not part of your immediate reality, it is a sign that all is well. Embrace that wellness, and you will amplify what you want for your todays, and your tomorrows, and will have no need to fear the unknown of your future, because you will have already pre-ordered what you want more of. ~Archangel Gabriel

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