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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 4, 2021

It is quite common to experience what you consider to be impatience when you are done with the old and anxiously waiting for the new. It can be uncomfortable when the old is expired and the new hasn’t quite shown up yet.

True impatience is the result of rejecting all aspects of your now with the belief that only the future will be satisfactory. In reality, you are in an unfoldment toward your desire which simply cannot be rushed. Each step of the way is bringing you closer, and supporting, your dream.

If impatience is a true challenge for you, the way to shift it is by deepening you faith and trust. Faith and trust work together to open the door to acceptance and allowing. Acceptance and allowing bring you to the experience of patience and peace. These elements also help you acknowledge the divine perfection of timing, and to settle into seeing the gifts that abound for you in the now moment.

It may also very well be that you are mistaking excitement for impatience. It is normal and wonderful to be excited for the new! It means you are open to new experiences and are aware of the beckoning of your soul. You are already energetically connecting to where you are going, which tells you it does exist. Excitement is one of the wonderful aspects of being a human being.

So trust the unfoldment, Dear Ones. Honour your feelings, be kind and gentle with yourselves, and settle into knowing that both your impatience, and your excitement, are true indicators that the new is on the horizon, and you will be more than ready to embrace it when it arrives. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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