Daily Message ~ Saturday September 7, 2013

Many of you wish you had a magic tool that could create what you want in your lives. You do. It is called focus.

Think of being at a salad buffet. You scan all the available options. When you find something you like, you focus on it longer, then you put it on your plate and it becomes an enjoyable part of your experience. It is so simple.

You do not stop and stand in front of one of the foods you dislike the most and start piling it high on your plate. That would be ridiculous! Yet, that is exactly what you do when you focus on what you do not want in your lives. Through your focus you align with it and before you know it your plate is overloaded with it.

Think of yourselves as energetic connoisseurs. Be selective and honour yourselves by choosing to expand what is uplifting, supportive and joyful to you! You are all absolutely worthy of all that and more. ~Archangel Gabriel

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