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Daily Message ~ Sunday April 1, 2018

There can be a reluctance to surrender into having your highest life expression. It may feel daunting to you, like the amount of change would be overwhelming, that it would take too much work, or would be too uncomfortable in some way. Please release those fears!

What you need to understand is that the unfoldment towards your greatest expression of self is a completely customized flow that will move at the most perfect pace for you. Your soul, along with your guides and helpers, are the co-creators of that flow and know precisely the speed and amount of support you require in order to be successful.

Your life can and will expand in the most wondrous ways if you can let go and allow the process to guide you, one step at a time. Big change can be thrilling and exciting if you can surrender into the experience of it with full trust in both your self and your team who know your full potential and the most comfortable way to get there. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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