Daily Message ~ Sunday April 21, 2013

We have spoken a great deal about the importance of gratitude as a tool to steer your flow and to anchor into your existence what you would like to experience more of. But did you realize that it is also a grounding tool? When you practice gratitude, you are fully experiencing your Now moment as it is presenting to you. You are using your conscious awareness to energetically embrace and ground in the desirable elements of your life expression. This is why we suggest using gratitude along with the flow. Because it is so grounding, it makes the flow less scary feeling to those who are new to the sensation. It creates balance in movement. Do you see? It is such an important element that is powerfully connected to the entire experience by offering its own unique energy and assistance. Gratitude allows enlightening human beings to offer the universe feedback, supports balance, is a manifestation/creation tool and keeps you grounded. The energy that it grounds is very high, very similar to prayer. Do you see? It is so much more than being polite. It is an absolutely essential element for the human beings of light. ~Archangel Gabriel

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