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Daily Message ~ Sunday April 21, 2019

Dear Ones, you are in an age where you are being exposed to a vast amount of information. We understand that at times this can be overwhelming, but this is accelerating your evolution.  With so many voices and opinions it is allowing you to try on a lot of ideas, deciding on what is a match to you and what to leave behind.

When we say “try on” we mean just that. Consider what is being presented. Does it match who you are and what you believe? How does it fit energetically with your body? Is it empowering? Does it aid your expansion and growth? Does it support your own unique path? Does it feel right?

Just as you would try on a garment in a store, if it doesn’t fit you can leave it behind without having any attachment to it being wrong. Further, you can be at peace with the idea that it might be a perfect match for someone else. You don’t have to push against it, you can just try on something else until you find what is comfortable and suits your needs. You understand that it is just a process of self expression.

These accelerated energies can seem overwhelming at times, but you are well prepared for all of this for it is supporting your advancement into the next phase of your incarnation. You get to decide what fits you and supports you and your unique expression of self.  Again, allow the noisiness to redirect you into the knowingness of your soul. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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