Daily Message – Sunday April 29

There is going to be a lot of noise over how to proceed in the creation of the New Earth. There will be some who still believe the earth will end this year (which, of course, it will not). But there will be many religious/spiritual opinions that will be voiced loudly over the weeks and months ahead. It is vital that you stay balanced, and centred and stand tall in your truth. You must trust yourself and your internal guidance system implicitly because that is how you will move through the ascension process with the greatest ease. Our question is, if you continue to berate yourself with your negative self talk, how on earth will you ever trust yourself to do so? Do you see that when you abuse yourself in such a manner, you are negatively affecting the whole? To trust yourself, you must love and honour yourself and your own guidance. From that empowered place there is nothing you cannot do, create or experience.
~Archangel Gabriel

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