Daily Message ~ Sunday August 12, 2012

We encourage you, when you are asked to do something, to take a moment and check in with yourself before you give an answer. Use your body as a barometer. As you consider it, how does your body feel? Do you feel flow? Do you feel resistance? Will this thing you have been asked to do honour you and any other parties involved? Then, once you have figured out your truth in the situation, give yourself permission to make that decision and whatever it is, follow through without guilt. So many of you are givers and are in the habit of agreeing to things just to please others. This behaviour will often lead to resentment. On the other hand, many of you are so fearful you will answer a question with a resounding no before you even consider it which can result in many missed opportunities. We understand that your habits have become deeply entrenched but it is time to become fully conscious in all areas of your life and to ensure your decisions honour you and how you really feel. When you get off the merry-go-round of living unconsciously the decisions you make will finally be more in touch with exactly what you need and improvement will occur in all areas of your life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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