Daily Message ~ Sunday August 16, 2020

Your heart will always lead you to the ways that you can best serve both your own incarnation as well as the whole. That feeling of rightness, of being settled in your knowingness, is the indicator of having found your match and how to proceed to be the greatest contribution you can be.

Others will only be able to identify what is best for them and their own unique incarnation. There are so many of you drawn to so many different roles, all designed to very efficiently meet the many needs of the whole. Your paths are vast and varied as are your contributions. The great unifier is that you are all together, in the body, to experience the energies of massive change on your planet.

You are the empowered leader of your own incarnation. Allow your heart to lead the way. Trust in the fact that you are the only true expert on you. Honour others in their ability to lead their own life expressions.

By honouring your own individual purposes while celebrating the fact that you are all participants and contributors to the great shift on your planet, all coming from the same Source and being guided by the same Source from within, you can anchor deeper into the energies of faith and trust, acceptance and allowing, which will open the doors to healing and peace. You will come to know like never before how much your diversity serves the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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