Daily Message ~ Sunday August 17, 2014

You create your heartfelt desires by allowing your heart, and your highest alignment to draw those experiences into your existence. What exists between your heart and your connection to Source? Your mind!

Does your mind allow your creations, or is it blocking that flow of energy at every opportunity? You may want to consider your mind as being either the great allower, or the great stopper of what you wish to create. Fear blocks, doubt blocks, control blocks, distraction blocks, procrastination blocks, while assuredness, confidence, surrender, faith, flow, trust and acceptance receive.

Your heart takes care of the expansion, the transmission and the love, the joyful creation, and the honouring of all. Your connection to Source allows you to know your authentic power, and your inspired ability to create whatever you want. It is how you set your mind that will dictate whether the flow to your desired creations will happen or not. ~Archangel Gabriel

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