Daily Message ~ Sunday August 26, 2012

When you are in the flow, you are in the state that supports the synchronicities and magical occurrences that are the way the universe works with you. There is also an aspect of service that can come with the flow. Many enlightening human beings find themselves in areas or places they would not have consciously chosen. Little do they know they are in their highest service when that happens because their unique light and vibration was required in that particular area, and they are there working as an energetic support. A lot of lightworkers seem to get ‘lost’ for that very reason! (laughter) If you are living in an area that you would not consciously choose to be in, you are likely there as an aspect of service. If you feel called to leave where you are and to move to another area of the world, your vibration is likely required there as well. This is why we encourage you to just BE, Dear Ones, because often your BEingness is the greatest assistance you can give. So if you are feeling that you are stuck and no matter what you try you cannot seem to budge from where you are, it may be that your unique vibration is required right where you are and you are making a marvellous difference. ~Archangel Gabriel

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