Daily Message ~ Sunday August 4, 2013

The fairy tale paradigm is both the most powerful and the most detrimental in your society. On one hand, it is powerful because it teaches that dreams come true, and encourages the belief that you can live happily ever after. But on the other hand, it glamorizes the idea of needing to be saved, and worse, the idea that you can be made whole from an external. How many people, to this day, just wish to be rescued because it has been so romanticized? Like all other belief systems, we encourage you to take from the stories the parts that resonate and leave the rest behind.

A greater story, we believe, would be that of the girl who learned to release her victim consciousness, to be her own hero and love herself unconditionally, and by embracing her truth as a beloved aspect of Source, shone brightly like a beautiful goddess, and from that firm foundation drew in all the elements to create the life of her dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

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