Daily Message ~ Sunday August 9, 2015

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what joy really is? Joy is such a whole-hearted embracing of the present moment it creates a full alignment with Source energy. If you wish to experience more joy in your life, consciously seek out activities that make it easy to embrace your Now.

It may be choosing to notice the splendour of nature. It may be opening yourself up to a stream of creation by writing or creating art. It may be spending time with your loved ones, small children or animals. It may simply be moving your body in a way that feels pleasing, or meditating, or giving prayers of thanks. Choosing to be of service to others is a heart based flow that will lead you to the right time/right place scenarios that allow you to feel that alignment, as well.

Joy does not need to be elusive, Dear Ones. It is simply choosing to place yourself in the conditions that allow your full presence and appreciation, and with that preference and a little awareness, you will find you can enter into that state more often, with ease, over the simplest of wonders. ~Archangel Gabriel

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