Daily Message ~ Sunday December 15, 2013

Worry is a habit that so many indulge in, not recognizing how energetically stagnating it is. People mistakenly think that worrying is noble, that it equates love for another, and it is somehow helpful to their path. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Worry indicates a lack of faith. It comes from a place of perceived powerlessness. It is born from fear and doubt. It keeps people stuck, disempowered and uncomfortable. Worry is simply letting the least empowered part of you take over and trying to create from there. It is like trying to run a race while sitting in quicksand.

Once you realize that you have an infinite ability to create the life of your dreams, worry becomes a thing of the past. Rather than waking with trepidation, you excitedly embrace each day, wondering what new wonders will show themselves to you. It is like waiting for a package to arrive in the mail. There is no need to fear it because you know exactly what you ordered.

The good news is, if you worry, you have already demonstrated that you can sit in stillness with focused thought. That is wonderful! So why not take that skill that you have already honed and instead use it to focus on what you DO want through meditation, visualization, prayer and gratitude? Any of those practices would feel so much better and provide much more satisfying results than you ever thought possible. ~Archangel Gabriel

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