Daily Message ~ Sunday December 2, 2012

When you plan to come into the body, you choose your unique personality traits and interests that will help you navigate your path to your highest ability. Then, what the enlightening human being does, once they reach adulthood and really start walking their path, is to pretend to be something completely different and hide their unique self and deny their joys and passions! They do so because they have bought into a belief that said their true essence was somehow not good enough. This is yet another example of how old belief systems have kept you small. Dear Ones, your own unique energy – all aspects of you, are exactly what is required to live your highest life expression and be of the most assistance on the planet. You came in with everything you need! Stop hiding! Let your light shine, accept your divine nature and recognize how empowered you are in your BEingness. ~Archangel Gabriel

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