Daily Message ~ Sunday December 6, 2015

Dear Ones, did you know your alignment with Source, combined with your self love, fills you up and wraps you up in a blanket of unconditional love? And did you know that blanket of unconditional love acts as a buffer, transmuting energies and helping you shift with far greater grace and ease, while allowing you to lead with love? The energy of love is your sustenance, as integral to your health and wellness as water and food.

So if you are looking for an external to make you whole, understand giving yourself love is the answer. If you are seeking comfort, know that love is the answer. If you are feeling irritated or uncomfortable in any way, know that aligning and giving yourself love is the answer. It is always there to buoy, support and sustain you. It is the magic elixir you’ve been seeking, and you’ve had an endless supply available to you all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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