Daily Message ~ Sunday December 8, 2013

Dear Ones, all of you, as spiritual adults, have the ability to move beyond your old wounds once and for all. Do you believe that you can be healed? Do you believe that you can be whole and happy and thrive?

We are not for a second suggesting you should ignore your experiences, stuff emotions, or pretend things have not occurred. But stepping into your authentic power means you can become the one who gives yourself whatever you felt you were lacking before. If you were abused, for example, you can now be the one to keep yourself safe, secure and protected by stepping out of the old patterns and giving yourself all the love, protection and nurturing you didn’t receive. If you were abandoned, you can love yourself to a new level of health and wholeness by always listening to your needs and making sure they are met.

You always have a choice to step back into wholeness! Wholeness is your divine template and is always there for you to move back into. Today is a brand new day with endless possibility for you. Why not paint a new reality on your canvas based on who you have grown into today and stop letting the past have power it does not deserve over your beautiful, pure and powerful Now moments. ~Archangel Gabriel

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