Daily Message ~ Sunday February 16, 2014

So many people live their lives in an attempt to please others. They don’t rock the boat, they put everyone else’s wishes above their own, and do everything they can to avoid upsetting others. They try to ensure other people’s happiness through their actions. While we know this comes from a place that seeks love and acceptance, it is doomed to fail. Let us tell you why.

The idea that you can make another person happy is completely faulty. You may temporarily please another, but if they are dependant upon you for their emotional state, they will never find happiness because happiness cannot be found from an external. Happiness must come from within. Because they are looking to an external to make them whole, and that will never, ever work, they will come to resent you for not being able to make them happy. You will find you will have to perform greater and greater feats to try to please them, which will only lead to your own exhaustion and resentment, and ultimate disappointment.

The most loving thing you can do for another is to make them be responsible for their own emotional state. The most loving thing you can do for yourself is to keep other people responsible for their own emotional state, and to be responsible for your own. To find the happiness you seek, you must have the courage to live according to what is right for you, and encourage others to do the same, and to accept and honour all choices, secure in the knowledge that each person is the expert of their own path. ~Archangel Gabriel

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