Daily Message ~ Sunday February 23, 2014

Everyone on the planet is on a sacred journey. You are on a journey to reconnect with your truth, with your divinity, your authentic power, and to assist others to do the same. You are also on the planet to offer your unique service in some way.

Some of you may feel passionate about protecting the environment. Some of you may care deeply for animals. Some may yearn to assist others with their growth, learning, healing, or spiritual path. Some of you may be drawn to energetics, astrology or meditation. Others may contribute to the vibration of the planet through the arts, through creating works of beauty, or making people laugh and spreading joy. But make no mistake about it, you all have something wonderful to contribute!

Dear Ones, if you feel drawn to one area, please honour that pull! You were born with your unique interests to help, to lovingly assist. You don’t need to reach a certain level of attainment to make a difference, in fact, many times you reach that desired level of attainment from being in service. Follow your hearts, your true service, and you will feel such a joy from honouring your soul and your purpose. ~Archangel Gabriel

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