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Daily Message ~ Sunday February 4, 2018

Dear Ones, we understand that so many of you are very focused on your healing, particularly of any old emotional wounds or abuse issues. This is important work, and we honour you for your diligence.

We encourage you to take a multi-faceted approach to working through those emotional wounds, just as we advocate a multi-faceted approach for physical healing. This includes looking at several aspects of whatever issue you are looking at healing beyond.

It is difficult to go back into an old wound, but if it is still active in you, it is letting you know there is more there for you to explore. We recommend acknowledging that it is there, ready for your love and attention. Then, as your own loving guide and parent, allow yourself to truly feel the emotions that are attached to that event or time in your life. Once you have felt the emotions, imagine stepping in as your own hero and give yourself the love, compassion, honour, and safety you did not receive at that time.

This is a very good first step. Fully acknowledging its existence starts to shine a light on what has been hiding or avoided for a very long time, which allows transformation to begin to occur. It is so important to be kind, gentle, and loving with yourself throughout this process. Use your wisdom to move at a pace that is right for you, and don’t hesitate to reach out for additional supports to help you should you require them.

Next, we ask you to examine any belief systems or disempowering vows you may have created from this old experience. Have you put up walls around your heart? Have you promised not to love or trust again? Explore any ways you may have tried to create a sense of control from that painful place and ask yourself if that truly matches you in your truth and what you really wish to experience.

If it does not, see those old beliefs or contracts dissolved in whatever way feels appropriate to you, and replace them with what feels more in line with what you truly want. For example, you may wish to replace a statement like, “I will never trust again” with the more empowering “I trust wisely and with discernment”.

Once you are done exploring the experience, we recommend that you then shift into looking at it much like you would a pastlife – from a more distant space of observation. What purpose did this experience serve? Why did your soul agree to it? What gifts came from it? How did it shape you for the rest of your incarnation?

For example, many enlightening souls have abusive backgrounds. It came with much pain and feelings of powerlessness from having the experience of being victimized. The gift of the experience is that it kept their sensitivities to energies high and allowed them to develop a deep compassion for others, both of which has set them up to best be of service later in their lives.

See the roles being played out by everyone involved and then see an energetic release occur between all parties. See any cords or attachments being dissolved. You may have a new, deeper understanding of how your abuser was also abused, deeply wounded, or fearful, or receive other pieces of information that allow you to shift out of the ties that have bound you to this painful event and take your power back.

Last, we recommend that you ask whatever divine helper you feel guided to work with to help you transmute any leftover energy that hasn’t been addressed. Mother Mary is an ideal resource to work with to fully heal and receive the unconditional love and nurturing you may have felt you were missing. Allow your helpers to assist you in your healing and moving back into the wholeness that is always available for you to return to.

By approaching any issue that you have struggled with healing in this way, you are first allowing your human self to begin, then you are shifting into looking at the issue through the higher self, and also activating the help and assistance of your unseen team of helpers. This creates a trinity of healing, if you will, which will bring in all necessary resources to fully explore and release what’s been begging for attention and resolution once and for all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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