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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 16, 2022

It is common for human beings to experience fear if they do not know where they are going. Yet your greatest discoveries are made through exploration, and you lose that gift if your path is always mapped out ahead of time. If you have deeply honed faith and trust you can get comfortable with not knowing and simply allow the unfoldment with peace and a sense of curiosity.

You spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure things out, when in fact it is unlikely you will ever figure everything out because you simply do not have access to all the pertinent information from your vantage point. That amounts to trying to successfully solve a puzzle when you only have half the pieces. That is where connecting with your guides and your own inner wisdom will help shine the way forward. They lead you to the collection of the next puzzle piece. The unfoldment is your own personal treasure hunt and can be filled with the joy of discovery.

What we are trying to tell you is if you simply shift out of the futility of trying to figure it all out into simply being present and navigating through your highest, most supported choices one now moment at a time the grace and ease you yearn for would be yours, as would be your highest outcomes. A wise human being knows when it is time to stop expending their time and energy on old practices that simply cannot take them where they wish to go and start concentrating on the new practices that can. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: One of the things I get asked most often in private sessions is, how am I blocked? Much to my surprise I received an entirely new journeying system over the last few weeks of 2021 that helps people identify where they are blocked for themselves, release that blockage, anchor new preferences, integrate healing, and connect with brand new potentials and possibilities. I have test driven it on many people and it is creating some really wonderful shifts and new ways of being. People are reporting they feel more comfortable in their bodies, more expansive, more empowered, and energetically shifted into a new alignment. These appointments consist of me leading you through guided meditation as well as working with you in a waking state to help you step into a far more empowered state of being. I am offering these one on one sessions at an introductory rate of $149 USD. If you are interested in booking please email me at partnershipwithspirit@gmail.com.


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