Daily Message ~ Sunday January 20, 2013

Who are you?  How do you perceive yourself?  How do you define yourself?  Does this perception match who you really are?  Are you taking into account that you are a beloved part of the whole?  A being of light?  A glorious and courageous being of love?  It is time to reevaluate your self definition. Then, it is time to ask yourself if your actions are living up to your truth.  This is not about berating yourself with more negative self talk or putting unrealistic expectations on yourself.  This is about getting clear about who you really are and what energetic legacy you wish to leave on the planet.  In the vast majority of human beings, their self perception is far less than the truth of their being.  Once you embrace your true beingness, without embellishment or downplay, and begin to live that truth, you will be stepping into your mastery.  And that, Dear Ones, is when you will start living the life expression of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

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