Daily Message ~ Sunday January 26, 2014

Many people read our teachings and think they would like to surrender but, because they haven’t figured out exactly what their beliefs are, they stall because they are not sure who to surrender to. Dear Ones, you do not need to have your spiritual beliefs nice and organized and tied up with a fancy bow in order to surrender! You may simply surrender to “more” if you are not sure what to name it. It is ironic because so many avoid surrender because they do not know exactly what they believe, but it is through the act of surrender, and the experience of the magic that comes with it, that people start to further define their faith and experience it tangibly in their lives. So rest assured it does not matter whether you have the name correct. Source contains all of the possible energies you could call on, so you simply cannot make a mistake. The universe will always respond, in an incredibly loving and supportive way, if the act of surrender is heartfelt. ~Archangel Gabriel

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