Daily Message ~ Sunday July 14, 2013

We understand that many of you, in your desire to be healthy and pleased with your appearance, practice dieting. For many of you the act of dieting is perceived as an act of resistance, and of denying self. You carefully measure and track everything you eat, practising self denial and then attempt to feel good about it. Most can keep up this practise for a short amount of time, but invariably the day will come when desire trumps denial. This is when most people will experience binging. Then after the binge, the person feels guilty about it and berates themselves and get back on the diet again, looping around in this cycle, time and again, with varying degrees of success.

The reason why this system does not work is because it is based on resistance. Resistance is an energy humans cannot stay in long term. Resistance, by its very nature, goes against the flow, and will always create discomfort.

As with many other human belief systems, your beliefs about food have become skewed over time. You perceive foods that have little nutritional value as being “comfort food”, and indulging in them being a form of self nurturing, and perceive eating healthy choices as being your duty and a chore and, as such, far less enjoyable.

Dear Ones, it is time to throw that belief system out! See fueling your body with the healthiest, most vibrant foods as being not only the ultimate act of self love and nurturing, but also as supportive, vibrational adjustment. As you start to embrace the mindful choices as being luxurious, feeling gratitude for their sustenance and pampered by their support, you will stop resisting and that is when your relationship with food will evolve into something that is far more supportive, and delightful, than you have experienced thus far. As a wonderful result of that, your bodies will begin to shine and bloom as beautiful reflections of your new loving relationships with food and yourselves. ~Archangel Gabriel

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