Daily Message ~ Sunday June 2, 2013

Dear Ones, do you realize that every time you look in the mirror and berate what you see, you are actively, psychically attacking yourselves? We find it so ironic that as a society you are outraged by abuse and bullying and yet the second you are alone with yourselves it is exactly what you do! Why on earth would you do such a thing? You are divine creatures, each and every one of you. Would you say such things to your loved ones? To your beloved children? To Jesus? Because make no mistake about it, what you do to the one affects the whole. We urge you to start viewing yourselves as the specimens of perfection you truly are, each one of you a shining spark of heaven and loved beyond compare. As you shift and start to emanate that love for self, you will embody more and more beauty and light, until the energies of unconditional love will overflow from you. Then, by the law of attraction, you will attract even more unconditional love to you! Do you see? As with all things it must begin within, but before you know it you will be an outstanding vessel delighting in the receiving and expressing of deep, true, delicious, love. ~Archangel Gabriel

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