Daily Message ~ Sunday June 20, 2013

Dear Ones, can you see that if you are wanting change with all your hearts and then resisting the flow that brings you those very changes, that you are sending mixed messages to the universe? You are also putting yourself in some very uncomfortable energies indeed, as resistance always creates discomfort.

Energetic clarity is so very important for manifesting in the most direct way possible. Think of a tuning fork. If you strike it and there are other elements muffling its vibration, it is difficult to hear. But if you strike it and it is unimpeded, its tone rings loud, long and pure. As it is with your energetics.

Being a masterful co-creator comes from having clear intention, energetic clarity and the unshakeable knowingness that the universe will always, always respond to your clarion call, and when it does, embracing it with joyous anticipation and delight. ~Archangel Gabriel

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