Daily Message ~ Sunday June 20, 2021

Dear Ones, please do not feel shame if you still feel love for someone who is no longer in close relationship with you. This indicates that you are, in fact, experiencing unconditional love. Love doesn’t just turn off like a faucet. It simply is.

It might help to think of love as being an infinity symbol. When you are in close relationship with another, you are in the centre of the symbol where the lines intersect. But even if you are at opposite ends of the symbol, you are still in an eternal loop of love.

You can still love someone and know that it is not in your best interest to be with them at this time. This is not dumb, it is wisdom.  Most of you have been conditioned to think that love is a commodity that should be given or taken away based on a person’s behaviour. But as you evolve you realize it isn’t that simple.

Unconditional love means I love you no matter how you are choosing to express yourself. But you also know, with your wisdom, that sometimes the most loving thing for yourself is to not be in close proximity with that person any more. It doesn’t mean the love ceases to exist. To deny that love would be to deny the love that you are.

You can have love as the constant with the variable being how close you can be and still have it a healthy situation for everyone involved. Accepting that the love is always there, just how it is being supported in its expression can change, will bring you peace with yourself and the situation.

Do you see? Just as you wouldn’t stop loving a passed loved one because you can’t be with them in the physical any longer, you can continue to love the people who have left your life and accept that while your relationship can change, the love can stay the same. And the beautiful thing is coming to that space of acceptance with yourself and your capacity to love will free you up to be available for your next great partnership. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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