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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 3, 2018

You are entering a phase where many of your heartfelt manifestations are coming true. These desires have been part of your path and your energetics for a long time. They were present for so very long to help you navigate your path.

Some of you will have the same desires and experience the satisfaction of finally moving into what you, in your heart, always knew was your destiny. Others will have the opportunity to move into that old dream and decide not to because it just doesn’t match who you have evolved into, and that is perfectly fine. You get to create new dreams based on new possibilities, potentials, and preferences.

The point is that you are all starting to experience yourselves as the creators you truly are. It may be the large dreams finally coming into your awareness. You may also start to recognize how you are manifesting with greater ease more and more, with smaller things showing up for you as if by magic. This is allowing you to clearly see your ability. The lag time that occurred between desire and manifestation is diminishing due to being in much faster moving energies.

You may have a dream show up for you and have it look different than you thought it would. Please understand that it is just a starting point. You have been given a hunk of clay that you can now mold and tweak to your satisfaction.

Be aware that if something is not coming together the way you would like it to, it is usually because you need to think bigger. The key is to not fall into control or micro managing but rather to loosen up and allow the unfoldment. Hold the essence of the desire and allow it to get as big and beautiful as it wants to, and you will be amazed at what is possible that you never could have imagined.

There is great joy for us as we see you begin to truly embrace your innate ability as empowered co-creators. Our wish for you is that you will start to enjoy it as much as we do. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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