Daily Message ~ Sunday June 9, 2013

When you are in a space of complete knowingness, acceptance, wonder and profound gratitude that comes from BEing in the expanded Now moment, you feel the magic and divine perfection all around you. You are able to truly experience your connectedness and the incredible abundance and endless possibilities of the universe. What helps you find that space? Is it prayer? Meditation? Reading or listening to inspirational material? Walking in nature? Taking a hot bath? Connecting with like-minded, like-energied friends? We encourage you to find what helps you step into that sweet spot and then spend more and more time in that energetic space. It is from that incredible alignment you are most empowered and best able to create the life of your dreams and experience your own personal mastery for the highest good of all. It is called the sweet spot for a reason, Dear Ones. Go savour its deliciousness. You have worked hard to find it. ~Archangel Gabriel

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