Daily Message ~ Sunday March 1, 2015

Dear Ones, we ask you, how can you thrive if you are not even safe with yourself? Do you realize that your negative self talk is a form of abuse? That denying your own needs is neglect? That keeping yourself from following your passions and interests is sentencing yourself to a life devoid of joy? That not allowing yourself to shine and experience life prevents you from finding your greatest purpose and satisfaction in life?

We urge you to stop using the tools of the abuser on yourself! You are an absolutely precious, divine, vital, beautiful part of the whole. You are Source energy in perfect form. You are part of the ground team, driving a process on your planet that is the talk of the universe. It is time to own who you really are, not in a boastful or egotistical way, but as a means of finally claiming your birthright and your truth.

You are enlightening beings, and what is at the core of enlightenment is love. It makes no sense to seek that love, and deny it at the same time. Again, all great shifts begin within. Moving into unconditional love and acceptance of self is the most important first step, because that is what will create the firm foundation everything else will be built upon. It is time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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