Daily Message ~ Sunday March 10, 2013

When we suggest you start seeing yourselves as divinely perfect, we do not for a second suggest that there is no need for further growth or expansion. Quite the contrary, growth and expansion are the very nature of the universe and part of the flow of your life expression. What we are encouraging you to do, is to settle into the idea that each step forward, each new discovery, each experience whether you consider it good or bad, is part of the perfection that is you. Your divinity is the constant, and cannot be lost or ruined, as it is simply who you are as a part of Source. Once you let go of the idea that you must fear judgment, and start to love and support yourself with the unconditional love you would give a beloved child, you will find yourself willing to truly live your life expression, seeing it become so much more joyful and exciting, filled with ease and self discovery. You are in the body to LIVE, Dear Ones, so we encourage you to have the full experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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