Daily Message ~ Sunday March 3, 2013

You are, simply put, beings of love.  We understand that many of you have become tired and jaded and find that difficult to accept.  But deep in your core, at your essence, exists only that spark of divinity, which is pure, unconditional love.  One of the most powerful meditations a human being can do, is to simply still yourself and go within to find that spark.  What is so beautiful is for every time you acknowledge that divine energy, it expands and grows.  With your attention and acknowledgment you nurture it, you allow it to shine, bigger and brighter, until before you know it you don’t need to try very hard to find it.  Soon it will grow so big that it can’t help but spill out of you, and remind you of your truth, of that joyful being that you are.  When you have allowed your love to fill you up and grow, you understand that there is a never ending surplus of that divine Source energy that flows through you, so you will share it freely, without fear or reservation.  By sharing it so freely, by BEing love, you can only attract more love to your experience.  And so it goes, receiving and giving, moving with that joyous flow, until you are all embracing your truth, expressing yourselves so beautifully.  What a magnificent system. ~Archangel Gabriel

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