Daily Message ~ Sunday November 11, 2012

We often advise enlightening human beings to follow the path of joy. Sadly, many of you have lived your lives exclusively for others and have become so consumed and exhausted by obligations, you have long lost sight of what brings you joy. The way to rectify this is to try many different things, but many of you find that idea daunting, or feel like you don’t have the time to or energy to experiment in such a way. We have another suggestion for you. Go to a library or book store. Spend some time wandering up and down the aisles, and pay attention to where you linger. Where you spend the most time is a clue to where your passions lay. Dear Ones, walking the path of joy is so very important. When you are engaged in activities that make your heart sing, you are embracing the Now and in a space of bliss and inspiration that naturally connects you to Source. When you are able to spend time in joy, gratitude naturally follows. Love yourself enough to rediscover what you have enthusiasm and passion for and you will begin to truly embrace your life again. ~Archangel Gabriel

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