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Daily Message ~ Sunday November 14, 2021

We often speak of the importance of allowing your beingness to lead the way. While we understand many of you might feel confused on how to do that, let us reassure you, it is a skill you already have.

One of the few times we see most humans truly be present and at ease with themselves and their preferences is when they are on vacation. When you are on vacation you don’t worry about what is wrong with you or what needs fixing. You step out of resistance to yourself and into presence and preference.

You allow every day to unfold based on what would bring you joy. You are open to try new things and the expansion experience provides. You focus on your satisfaction and rejuvenation. You approach each day with curiosity and positive and open expectation. You are willing to embrace whatever you feel like at any given time, be it a grand adventure or a long luxurious nap.

Do you see? It is during vacation you allow your truest self to come to the forefront to decide what you would like while staying present and open to new discoveries. You move towards what will delight and inspire you and more than any other time, you make your life about you. And that, Dear Ones, is what we want for you each and every day, and it can be accomplished by incorporating the natural skills you use on vacation into your daily life. Make room for your beingness to lead the way, and from there far greater ease and satisfaction with your life can be found. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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