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Daily Message ~ Sunday November 28, 2021

If you are feeling frustrated it is because you are perceiving that you have a surplus of energy that is not creating the results you desire. While we know that can seem wrong to you, we wish for you to know that energy is just energy. It is neutral in that it can be applied anywhere you choose. If something isn’t working for you in the moment, it doesn’t mean never, it simply means not right now.

What we want you to understand is that the energy you perceive is not just earmarked for that one area, it can be used for another. This can be a huge realization for you as it opens up the doors to new possibilities and areas that are ripe for exploration.

So gather up some of the energy that is sitting there with nowhere to go and redirect it to an area where it is ready to be received. By practicing that, you will take a huge step forward in your energetic mastery. You will begin wisely directing your energy with the guidance and support of the flow. This will allow your frustration to lessen, because your soul is simply seeking expansion in whatever way is energetically supported at any given time.

Trust in the flow, Dear Ones, because its speciality is divine timing. It will always support you with your highest outcomes if you can allow yourself to accept its wisdom. Energy is abundant and you have an endless wellspring of it to play with and direct. Allow it to find where it wants to go and you will be amazed at the new lines of potential that will open up to you, all beautifully designed to serve you and your journey. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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