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Daily Message ~ Sunday October 29, 2017

Do you distrust when good things happen to you? Do you wait for the other shoe to drop? Do you think if something is going too smoothly it is too good to be true? Do you not fully embrace your happiness or success because you don’t want to jinx yourself?

These are all old pervasive belief systems that have been part of your conditioning. Due to these beliefs, many of you constrain yourself into a toned down zone of happiness that you feel is not too happy so it should not carry negative consequences. Because of this, many of you fear the full experience of success and happiness so much you never anchor it fully into your life expression.

This distrust comes from not fully embracing your own ability of the co-creator of your experiences. Dear Ones, good things come to you because you aligned with them energetically and create them! Do not be afraid to embrace these creations. While there is a natural ebb and flow to the universe, it absolutely can hold happiness and success as a constant if you see that as being a possibility for yourself.

So rather than cutting yourself off at the first sign of good fortune, see it as the first step of where your soul, along with the universe is leading you. Trust that you know exactly what you are doing and the universe is meeting your desires and intentions. Surrender into the flow of happiness and success without constraint and see how far it can expand. Play and experiment with the full unfoldment of what is possible and you may be amazed at how much more wonderful things can get. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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