Daily Message ~ Sunday October 4, 2015

The greatest amount of discomfort humans experience stems from their belief that something is wrong. The second they perceive something to be somehow wrong, is the moment they move into complete resistance to the flow. Resistance to the flow then creates even greater discomfort, often resulting in a deep dissatisfaction with life, fatigue, despair and depression.

It is surrender and faith that moves you beyond such uncomfortable states. When you are able to surrender into the flow, even when it is taking you to unknown territories, you are allowing your highest self, your guides and helpers, and the universe to lead you. You begin to work with the system that is always there to love and support with you, rather than denying the very things you seek.

When you are able to move back into that faith in action, you are able to settle into a deep, abiding, acceptance of the unfoldment of life which will automatically activate the energy of peace within you. You will have deactivated fear, doubt and worry, and will find yourself with the ability to be more fully present than ever before.

From that place, you will experience a deep gratitude which will become the place you powerfully create from. Do you see? It is a complete system that beautifully supports you, and it is available to you whenever you choose. ~Archangel Gabriel

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