Daily Message ~ Sunday October 7, 2012

The word appreciation indicates not only a level of thankfulness but also an increase of value or worth. The very definition of the word tells you that what you are thankful for, you get more of! Gratitude is such a vital aspect in your lives. It is a lovely energy, one that so beautifully compliments the enlightening human being. When you practice gratitude, you are embracing your role of co-creator by giving clear feedback to the universe on what you would like more of. You are also creating an energetic set point, by grounding in the exact energies you desire. Gratitude celebrates your very existence and shifts you into the higher energies of your authentic self. It is one of the most powerful tools you have and has the ability to create miracles. Gratitude is a form of prayer and is always, always heard and responded to by the universe. Like prayer, it is something you can indulge in any time you like, and with practice, can become a way of being. If you only remember to do one thing every day, if you practice gratitude it will be more than enough to affect profound and lasting change in your life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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