Daily Message ~ Sunday September 16, 2012

Many enlightening human beings have led rather solitary existences up until this point. They have chosen to concentrate on their sacred roles and have put their love relationships on hold while they have focused on the greater task at hand. You will be delighted to know that phase is now passing for a great number of you. Sacred relationships will be forming in record numbers as we move forward in the new energies. Dear Ones, you could not go through this level of evolution and not see it also reflected in your partnerships. Have you given up on love? Do you believe it exists for other people but not you? Do you accept that there are energetic matches available for you? Are you holding on to an old belief that says you cannot have a love relationship and be highly spiritual at the same time? As with all other things, now is the time to throw out your old, out-moded belief systems about love. Love, sacred partnership, will be an essential aspect of the New Earth. How could it not be? So allow yourself to open up to the possibility, send out a clarion call to your divine other and know that you are stepping into times that will have many of you experiencing love like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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